Call for reviewers: eArchiving specifications procedures and guidelines

The Digital Information LifeCycle Interoperability Standards Board (DILCIS Board) are seeking reviewers for procedures and guidelines to support eArchiving specifications.

Originally created by the E-ARK project, these specifications are a core component of the CEF eArchiving Building Block. The aim of eArchiving is to provide the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help data creators, software developers and digital archives tackle the challenge of short, medium and long-term data management and reuse in a sustainable, authentic, cost-efficient, manageable and interoperable way.

The specifications and documents for review will be released in four groups over 2020-2021. The first group of documents available for review are:

  • Guideline (Primer) for the Common Specification for Information Packages (CSIP), SIP, AIP, DIP, Preservation Metadata and Archival Information
  • Guidelines for creating a new Content Information Type Specification
  • Open review guidelines for eArchiving Building Block specifications and documentation
  • Guidelines for revision of Common Specifications and Content Information Type Specifications
  • Figure production for eArchiving Building Block specifications and their guidelines
  • Procedure for vocabulary creation in a Common Specification or Content Information Type Specifications

How do I provide feedback?

Please provide feedback through the DILCIS Board website review page. All of the procedures and guidelines are listed, with a short description, a link to the full document, and a set of questions to answer.


If you have any queries regarding the review process please contact the DILCIS Board: [email protected]


The review will close on: 15 November 2020.



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