OPF Hackathon – A Practical Approach to Preservation Systems

The next OPF Hackathon – A Practical Approach to Preservation Systems – will focus on preservation workflows and systems. It will consider a large number of widely available tools that are being used both by the community and in industry.

With a focus on end-to-end digital preservation, this workshop will look at the various tools that can be used at all stages of the digital preservation process and outline how these can be used in simplistic workflows. 

Practitioners are asked to bring along their problematic digital objects and/or collections and aid the developers to create real solutions that work for you. 

This hackathon is perhaps more open ended than previous workshops and focuses on any part of a preservation system is encouraged. However, it is hoped that people can transfer their solutions to others by utilising small tools to solve a real problem.

It builds on the approach of previous OPF hackathons and the project events in which OPF has been involved (AQuA, SPRUCE and SCAPE). A number of blogs have been written about the events. The following examples give an insight as to what to expect in a hackathon: http://www.openpreservation.org/blogs/2012-02-20-use-cases-database-archivinghttp://www.openpreservation.org/blogs/2012-04-25-mashing-it-across-border-sprucehttp://www.openpreservation.org/blogs/2011-10-14-report-attending-practical-tools-digital-preservation-hackathon


To see the agenda and to find out more visit the OPF wiki event page:http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/KB/2012-05-21+OPF+Hackathon+-+A+Practical+Approach+to+Preservation+Systems


To register visit: http://opfhackathonmontpellier.eventbrite.co.uk 








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