veraPDF 1.16 released

The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce that veraPDF 1.16 has been released following community testing. 

veraPDF is an open source, industry supported PDF/A validator, covering all parts of the PDF/A standards. The latest version is available to download here.

What’s new?

This release includes new features and fixes including: 

  • Added support for Function objects in PDF
  • Added detection and validation of the XMP encoding
  • Extended veraPDF model to include structure tree
  • More robust PDF parsing in case of critical low-level syntax errors
  • Optimized memory usage for more efficient batch processing with a large number of validation errors
  • GUI application improvements

Future development

We are excited to inform users that we are now working towards PDF/UA validation, with added support for tagging structure of PDF. Find out more in the release notes.

Feedback welcome

If you’d like to make a feature request or report a bug, add it to the veraPDF issue tracker on GitHub or contact us with any comments.


Our thanks go to all the contributors, particularly the Dual Lab Development Team and the OPF Product Board for their ongoing input and support.

About veraPDF

veraPDF is the first complete, open source PDF/A validator. The software is sustained and maintained by the Open Preservation Foundation. Dual Lab provides active user support and carries out maintenance and bug fixes. The PDF Association’s PDF Validation Technical Working Group continues in its role resolving ambiguities arising from veraPDF’s usage in the field, and promoting the adoption of PDF/A and veraPDF by developers worldwide.

veraPDF is open source, free to download, to use and to modify. However, it is not free to host, maintain, support or develop. veraPDF is a widely-used digital preservation tool, but currently, only OPF members support veraPDF financially as part of their membership fees. If you use veraPDF, please consider supporting its development by becoming an OPF member or making a donation towards development.

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