veraPDF 1.26 release candidate out now



The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce that the veraPDF 1.26 release candidate is out now! veraPDF is an open-source, industry-supported PDF/A validator and part of the OPF reference toolset.

This release is made up of enhancements, technical maintenance and bug fixes:

  • support added for software enforceable checks (see the PDF Association’s Matterhorn Protocol) from the draft PDF/UA-2 specification;
  • the veraPDF REST API has been improved and better documented;
  • improvements to the REST Docker image;
  • improved CLI output (help, debug logs, text report, JSON report formatting);
  • improvements to the veraPDF GUI;
  • various bug fixes and improvements.

To learn more about the new fixes and features, read the release notes.



The release candidate can be downloaded here: veraPDF 1.26-RC. Other release artefacts can be found in the release folder

We invite the community to download and test the release candidate. Please report any bugs on the veraPDF issue tracker on GitHub or contact us with any feedback or questions. Internal testing of the release candidate is also being carried out, and there may be a few small changes before the final production release.



Our thanks go to all contributors, particularly the Dual Lab development team, for their work on this release.


About veraPDF

veraPDF is an open-source PDF/A validator covering all parts of the PDF/A standards. Originally funded by the PREFORMA project, veraPDF has been sustained and maintained by the Open Preservation Foundation since 2017. Dual Lab provides active user support and carries out maintenance and bug fixes. The PDF Association’s PDF/A Technical Working Group continues its role in resolving ambiguities arising from veraPDF’s usage in the field.


Support veraPDF

veraPDF is free to download, use and modify to meet your needs. However, there are ongoing costs to host and maintain it. If you use veraPDF, please consider supporting its development by becoming an OPF member or making a donation.


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