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JHOVE Evaluation and Stabilisation Report published

In February the JHOVE format validation tool was transferred to OPF stewardship. We have now completed our initial review of JHOVE, and have identified all of the resources that we will maintain or preserve. The report is available on our new JHOVE product page, along with an overview of current activity and links to the source […]

Vacancy for Senior Software Engineer (Digital Preservation) at the British Library

OPF member, the British Library, are recruiting for a Senior Software Engineer in their Digital Preservation team: The British Library is one of the World’s greatest research libraries, committed to providing researchers with access to reliable digital content now and into the future. Our digital collection is one of the most exciting and heterogeneous in the world, […]

OPF launches two new members interest groups

We have established two new interest groups in response to feedback from our members: documents and emulation. The purpose of our interest groups is to facilitate communication and collaboration on a specific digital preservation theme or topic. The topics are selected by our members, and the groups are led by a member organisation. The interest […]


21 Apr
23 Apr

For the 17th time, the beautiful surroundings of Low Tatras will create a scenery of the Digital Library Conference where as usually the digital preservation, digital collections access and digital processing experts from around the world will gather. The presentations will be given by leading representatives of the most important institutions dedicated to librarianship, archiving, […]

19 May
22 May

About The Conference: The IS&T Archiving Conference brings together a unique community of imaging novices and experts from libraries, archives, records management, and information technology institutions to discuss and explore the expanding field of digital archiving and preservation. Attendees from around the world represent industry, academia, governments, and cultural heritage institutions. The conference presents the […]

20 May

For decades memory institutions have put effort into dealing with pieces of the digital preservation puzzle. Unfortunately this has also resulted in quite a lot of fragmentation – solutions in place in different institutions and countries are not easily reusable in others. After carrying out extensive consultations with the European Commission a set of institutions […]


Siegfried v 1.0 released (a file format identification tool)

Siegfried v 1.0 is now available at Siegfried is a PRONOM-based file format identification tool. Key features are: complete implementation of PRONOM (byte and container signatures) reliable results (siegfried is tested against Ross Spencer’s skeleton suite and QA tested against DROID and FIDO output using fast matching without limiting the number of bytes […]

Franklin Boumda
A contribution to Yvonne Friese’ publication on the topic: “Ensuring long-term access: PDF validation with JHOVE ?”

The CINES is a French centre whose one of its main missions is digital archiving. The team in charge of this task is made up of archivists, developers and files formats experts. They have developed a platform called PAC (Plateforme d’Archivage du CINES for Archiving Platform of the CINES) through which users can check their […]

Siegfried and Roy

A little while ago I introduced a new file format identification tool, siegfried, on this blog. Since then, I’ve been refining the tool, with a goal of a 1.0 release early next year (probably around March). I hope you don’t mind the occasional update about my progress on this blog. One of my goals with […]