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sustains technology and knowledge for the long-term management of digital cultural heritage. We provide our members with reliable solutions to the challenges of digital preservation.


The Open Preservation Foundation is looking for an experienced, motivated and visionary leader to fill the position of Executive Director. The Foundation is an international not for profit membership organisation providing open source digital preservation technology and knowledge to memory institutions around the world. _______________________________________________________________ Job title:​ Executive Director Hours:​ Part­ time (24 hours/week) Contract […]

We are pleased to announce that the new release of veraPDF is available. veraPDF 1.4 has a new GUI wizard for creating custom policy files. Significant performance optimisations have been made to the greenfield PDF parser. Other fixes and improvements are documented in the release notes: Download veraPDF The greenfield version is available here, […]

The latest version of JHOVE is now available to download. JHOVE is an open source file format identification, validation and characterisation tool for digital preservation. JHOVE 1.16 contains fixes and better handling of files in the PDF and WAV modules. Other improvements include: Using string constants for PDF module, XML module, and HTML module error […]


01 Jun
02 Jun

What are the Digitisation Days? The Digitisation Days aim to present an up-to-date vision of the most recent advances in technology for the digitisation of text, to showcase successful experiences in their application and to explore the challenges for the near future of digitisation. It comprises the DATeCH International Conference that is conceived as forum […]

06 Jun

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) community is hosting a one day event describing the power and potential of interoperable image delivery over the Web. Embraced by large and growing number of the world’s leading research and cultural heritage organizations, IIIF provides an open framework for publishing digital image-based resources, to be viewed, shared, cited, […]

07 Jun
08 Jun

Save the date! OPF members are invited to attend the 8th Annual General Meeting of the Open Preservation Foundation. This year, the two-day meeting will take place at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.


Much of the inspiration from this blog came from this source here. According to UNESCO, the authenticity of a record can be jeopardized by: Threats to integrity. Changes to the content of the object itself also potentially damage authenticity. Most such changes stem from threats to the object at a data level. A hyperlink is data. […]

Introduction Government departments are connecting their information systems to the e-Depot of the National Archives of the Netherlands (NANETH). The digital archival materials (information objects) coming from these systems (closed cases or other process-bound information) are subsequently preserved in the e-Depot. NANETH’s Service Organization supports the more complex connection projects. These projects are always preceded […]

The second JHOVE online hack day took place on 27 April. Once again, we were delighted to be joined by volunteers from around the world to help improve both the software and supporting documentation. During the hack day, participants: continued to add explanations to the error messages spreadsheet; reviewed and extended the documentation; fixed a […]