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The Open Preservation Foundation and PDF Association sign partnership agreement

The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) and the PDF Association (PDFA) have today signed an agreement to formally recognise their on-going collaborative partnership. Signed by Olaf Drümmer, Chairman of the PDFA and Ed Fay, Executive Director of the OPF, the agreement aims to enhance the effectiveness of their respective activities by sharing access to one another’s […]

The National Library of Latvia joins the Open Preservation Foundation

We are very pleased to announce that the National Library of Latvia (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka, NLB) has joined the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) as our newest charter member. The NLB preserves both physical and born digital printed material produced in Latvia, and has been digitizing their collections for the last 15 years. They have developed a […]

Call for Participation: OPF Digital Preservation Community Survey

The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) has launched an online survey to assess the current state-of-the-art in digital preservation practices. The survey explores the adoption of digital preservation approaches and technology. Both the findings and data from the survey will be published openly; the findings will enable peer institutions to benchmark their practice with others, and the […]


03 Feb

OPF and DPC members are invited to attend a webinar to introduce the aims of veraPDF, and give an overview of the project progress to date. This will also be an opportunity for OPF and DPC members to respond to two working documents, which describe the software design. Details of registration have been circulated by […]

09 Feb
12 Feb

“Ten years back, ten years forward: achievements, lessons and the future for digital curation” For a decade IDCC has bought together leaders and experts in digital curation and the significance of good curation to research and innovation is now well recognised across the globe. At IDCC15 we aim to assess our progress and to help […]

12 Feb
13 Mar

The Europeana Tech community has grown tremendously since the first EuropeanaTech conference in 2011. Not only in the number of active network members, but also in its impact. Europeana is uniting hundreds of experts from across the EU to share knowledge and jointly shape the future of memory organisations in a networked environment. Specifically on […]


Franklin Boumda
A contribution to Yvonne Friese’ publication on the topic: “Ensuring long-term access: PDF validation with JHOVE ?”

The CINES is a French centre whose one of its main mission is digital archiving. The team in charge of this task is made up of archivists, developers and files formats experts. They have developed a platform called PAC (Plateforme d’Archivage du CINES for Archiving Platform of the CINES) through which users can check their […]

Siegfried and Roy

A little while ago I introduced a new file format identification tool, siegfried, on this blog. Since then, I’ve been refining the tool, with a goal of a 1.0 release early next year (probably around March). I hope you don’t mind the occasional update about my progress on this blog. One of my goals with […]

Carl Wilson
Posting blogs on the new OPF site

I thought I’d get the ball rolling by posting the first blog using the new front end. It’s taken a little longer than planned so we hope it’s worth the wait. Blogs are managed a little differently than the last site so I’ll just give a few brief pointers. We’ve separated editing and management of […]