The Open Preservation Foundation is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation advancing shared solutions for effective and efficient digital preservation.

We offer two ways of getting involved in the OPF community: membership for organisations who wish to participate in all of our activities and software support for organisations who want to ensure the sustainability of individual digital preservation software products.

Membership and supporter categories and fees are set by the Board of Directors and were last updated in June 2015.

Why become an OPF member?

Our members share a commitment to advancing digital preservation and work together to further our strategic priorities in the areas of technology, knowledge, and advocacy and alliances.

Membership is available in two categories: Charter and Affiliate. Charter members steer our strategy and annual activity planning. They also benefit from exclusive or priority access to our interest groups, training and events, and support in adopting and maintaining our open source software products. Affiliate members have access to the outputs of our activities and may choose to contribute effort in lieu of subscription fees to further digital preservation for the benefit of the community.

Join us to collaborate with international partners sharing expertise to address digital preservation challenges.

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Why become an OPF software supporter?

Software supporters further our efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of individual open source digital preservation software products. Funding from software supporters goes directly towards the hosting, maintenance, and improvement of the software resulting in robust and reliable tools which are relied on across the digital preservation community.

Software supporters join a community of collaborators defining the future of these products through participation in product boards which govern the product budget and roadmap. They receive technical support and have access to tool evaluations and training materials.

At present we offer software support for JHOVE and more products will be considered for support in response to community requirements.

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