Software Supporters

Our software products are collaborative, open source projects guided by a dedicated product board in consultation with its supporters. Supporter subscriptions go directly towards supporting and sustaining the software:

  • infrastructure (servers, code repositories, bug/issue tracking systems, mailing lists);
  • improving or creating documentation and training materials;
  • technical support (as below) and expanding our community outreach;
  • other costs associated with long-term sustainability and maintenance.

Software support is available for JHOVE based on its broad adoption and need for active stewardship. It is also a component in several leading commercial digital preservation solutions. While it remains fully open source, supporters can steer our stewardship and maintenance activities and receive varying levels of technical support and training.

A product board made up of members and supporters will control how the dedicated budget is used to meet user requirements for maintenance and enhancement, which are contributed by all supporters to the product roadmap.

The support categories are targeted at institutions that use JHOVE as part of their digital preservation workflows. We welcome support from commercial companies who resell JHOVE as part of their products. We will be discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

We offer three categories of support which entitle organisations to varying levels of control over our stewardship activities.

Category Fee
Bronze £1,250
Silver £2,500
Gold £5,000

Supporter Benefits

Benefit Bronze Silver Gold
Membership of the product board (approve the roadmap, govern expenditure) By election By election
Prioritise requirements on the roadmap 1 vote 2 votes 3 votes
Contribute requirements to the roadmap (e.g. bug fixes, packaging for target platforms, system integrations, new/enhanced features)
Access to priority support from OPF (e.g. implementation issues, runtime errors, simple bug fixes*, etc.)
Commission evaluation of product features
Contribute requirements and test corpora to evaluations
Access to ad hoc support from OPF (as for priority support but on basis of best effort not guaranteed response times)
Access complete evaluation reports
Access to online support(e.g. demonstrators, training materials, etc.)
Logo on supporter page
Name on supporter page

* Those estimated to take a relatively minor amount of development effort, more complex bug fixes will be added to the roadmap for prioritisation and approval by the product board.

OPF members receive software supporter benefits as part of their membership.

Please note that we offer discounts for multi-year commitments: 5% for two years and 10% for three years.

To apply, please download and complete our agreement form and return it by email with the subject ‘software supporter’. Please also send a paper copy by post.

Software Supporter Agreement Form

If you have any questions regarding software support please contact us. Please note that the model may be subject to revision over time as we build a community of supporters. Any changes will be implemented in consultation with supporters.