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25 Oct
26 Oct

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) invites proposals for Digital Preservation 2017: “Preservation is Political,” to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 25-26, 2017. Digital Preservation is the major meeting and conference of the NDSA—open to members and non-members alike—focusing on tools, techniques, theories and methodologies for digital stewardship and preservation, data curation, the content lifecycle, and related issues. Our 2017 meeting is held in partnership with our host organization, the Digital Library Federation (DLF). Separate calls are being issued…

07 Nov

Today, there is plenty of evidence that good scientific practice cannot be obtained for web references in general by today’s referencing practices. It is also evident that web references are crucial for both current and future research, and thus there is a high demand for new referencing methods to web material which can support good scientific practice. This webinar will present the findings from Danish research projects which have resulted in suggestion of PWID (Persistent Web IDentifiers) referencing style including the four…

09 Nov
10 Nov

Open Media, Open Formats, Open Archives A FREE two day symposium focused on open media, open standards, and digital audiovisual preservation hosted by Österreichisches Filmmuseum – Austrian Film Museum and MediaArea.net. The event will feature presentations and discussion on topics such as: active open media standardization projects examination of open media use in film and video digitization validation and conformance checking of audiovisual formats integration of open source tools into archival workflow examples of cross-community collaboration and skill-sharing and more The event will…

09 Nov

On 13 June 2017, the OPF held a webinar called ‘PRONOM in Practice’: http://openpreservation.org/event/pronom-in-practice/ (login required). The presenters (David Clipsham, Jenny Mitcham, and Justin Simpson) gave an introduction to PRONOM, an online file format registry maintained by The National Archives in the UK, and described how to create new PRONOM signatures and submit them to the Registry. Following on from this, we are running a members-only online workshop that will equip participants with the tools required to submit a new entry to PRONOM. In the…

21 Nov

In digital preservation we rely on automation and tools for some of our most crucial tasks like format identification and validation. One of the most widespread tools for format validation is JHOVE. As there is no other validation tool which checks the well-formedness and validity of plain PDF files, the quality and infallibility of JHOVE’s PDF module is especially important. Unfortunately, as there are no other tools, checking JHOVE’s PDF skills via tool-benchmarking is not an option. As of today,…

30 Nov

International Digital Preservation Day is held on the last Thursday of every November. This year, the first ever International Digital Preservation Day on 30th November 2017 will draw together individuals and institutions from across the world to celebrate the collections preserved, the access maintained and the understanding fostered by preserving digital materials. The aim of the day is to create greater awareness of digital preservation that will translate into a wider understanding which permeates all aspects of society – business, policy making,…

19 Feb
22 Feb

Beyond FAIR – from principles to practice to global join up Overview The need to manage and share digital outputs and data has been clearly articulated and gained international traction over the past decade or more. Effective data handling skills and curation services are essential to support and embed these practices. Much progress has been made towards implementation with services being provided by research institutions, funders, domain groups, commercial providers and others. As the landscape matures, attention is turning to…

20 May
22 May

For those who wish to be part of Europe’s premier conference on information and records management, this is your chance to present your ideas and share your experience alongside some of the biggest names in the profession. Whether you have a new concept, a case study on a special project, or just want to talk on a subject that you are passionate about to a like minded audience, don’t miss out of this opportunity to present your ideas. This year, we are inviting…

16 Oct
18 Oct

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