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  On Thursday 28 May we welcomed our members to the fifth Annual General Meeting of the OPF, kindly hosted by the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. The meeting was well-attended, and we also had a live link for those who could not attend in person.This year we ran a parallel technical track for […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

1st Jun 2015  4:02 PM  239 Reads  No comments

Siegfried v 1.0 is now available at Siegfried is a PRONOM-based file format identification tool. Key features are: complete implementation of PRONOM (byte and container signatures) reliable results (siegfried is tested against Ross Spencer’s skeleton suite and QA tested against DROID and FIDO output using fast matching without limiting the number of bytes […]

By Richard, posted in Richard's Blog

25th Mar 2015  5:02 AM  635 Reads  No comments

The CINES is a French centre whose one of its main missions is digital archiving. The team in charge of this task is made up of archivists, developers and files formats experts. They have developed a platform called PAC (Plateforme d’Archivage du CINES for Archiving Platform of the CINES) through which users can check their […]

By Franklin Boumda, posted in Franklin Boumda's Blog

29th Jan 2015  4:07 PM  1214 Reads  1 Comment

A little while ago I introduced a new file format identification tool, siegfried, on this blog. Since then, I’ve been refining the tool, with a goal of a 1.0 release early next year (probably around March). I hope you don’t mind the occasional update about my progress on this blog. One of my goals with […]

By Richard, posted in Richard's Blog

12th Dec 2014  12:34 PM  651 Reads  No comments

I thought I’d get the ball rolling by posting the first blog using the new front end. It’s taken a little longer than planned so we hope it’s worth the wait. Blogs are managed a little differently than the last site so I’ll just give a few brief pointers. We’ve separated editing and management of […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

3rd Dec 2014  3:36 PM  715 Reads  No comments

I thought I’d write a few words about the new OPF web site and our immediate plans for it. The new look reflects our new brand and the release alongside our new strategic plan feels like a real milestone. In order to ensure last Mondays launch went smoothly we opted for a reliable initial release […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

24th Nov 2014  11:30 AM  368 Reads  No comments

Welcome to our new website! Take a look around – we hope you like it. We are concentrating on the core functionality of the website to begin with. We want to make sure everything is working properly. All the blogs are available to read, and users will be able to post content by tomorrow. We […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

17th Nov 2014  9:53 AM  345 Reads  No comments

I read Johan's fascinating post this morning about the obsolescence of Quattro Pro formats. In the post he included a set of Quattro Pro spreadsheets and invited others to try to access them using the original software or an old version of Excel. Luckily I have an old version of Quattro Pro available so I thought I'd […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

29th Oct 2014  6:24 PM  3405 Reads  1 Comment

While browsing ArchiveTeam's File Formats Wiki earlier this week, I came across some entries I created there on Quattro Pro spreadsheets two years ago. At the time I had also contributed some old Quattro Pro for DOS spreadsheets (here and here) from my personal archives to the OPF format corpus. Seeing those files again, I […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

29th Oct 2014  2:59 PM  3691 Reads  2 Comments

Earlier this week I had a discussion with some colleagues about the archiving of mobile phone and tablet apps (iPhone/Android), and, equally important, ways to provide long-term access. The immediate incentive for this was an announcement by a Dutch publisher, who recently published a children's book that is accompanied by its own app. Also, there […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

23rd Oct 2014  11:33 AM  3219 Reads  No comments