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MUPPET: MUlti Pass file Properties Extraction Tool


This tool needs some explanation of how it came about. At Nationaal Archief we were faced with various bottlenecks at ingest for our digital repository...

Format Registry Challenge, Part Two

Ross King

Before I started with format editing, I realized that it would be very simple to implement cool URLs for file formats. The only difficulty was...

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Artefactual Systems becomes the newest member of the Open Preservation Foundation

We are delighted to welcome Artefactual Systems Inc. as the newest affiliate member of the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF); the first since we launched our...

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Evaluation of identification tools: first results from SCAPE


As I already briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the objectives of the SCAPE project is to develop an architecture that will...

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OPF Challenge at JISC Dev8D 2011

bram van der werf For preservation and beyond, broad and reliable format identification has proven to be a critical shared problem across many institutions. Recent discussions on the OPF...

OPF Webinar “Digital Preservation at your command, part II” available as video


Last week I had the honour to host the OPF Webinar "Digital Preservation at your command, part II". During the Webinar attendees were shown the difference and/or similarities between the command line interfaces of MS DOS, Linux and Apple.