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Proposal: GitHub to enable a federated approach to distributing and utilizing custom DROID signatures


Abstract() This blog discusses what we have available in our toolkit for contributing more signatures to PRONOM for the benefit of the digital preservation community....

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Years on from the registry, why has the preservation community not solved the problem of well managed and high quality data publication?


While open data sources, such as PRONOM, Software Conversion Registry (CSR) and govdocs are excellent examples example of publishing re-usable data (to some extent) there...

Accepting the Format Registry Challenge

Ross King

Last week I was at home in bed for four days with a bad back. I could not really type, but I could browse, so...

BPRECISE : Benchmarking PREservation in a Common InfraStructurE


On June 7 and 8 2017, the General Annual Meeting of the Open Preservation Foundation was held at the National Library of France in Paris....

Breaking Down The Format Registry

Andy Jackson

At the hackathon it was clear that the identification discussion started by Fido represented an archetypal example of why this community wants to work together....

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EPUB for archival preservation: an update


Last year (2012) the KB released a report on the suitability of the EPUB format for archival preservation. A substantial number of EPUB-related developments have...