SPRUCE (Sustainable Preservation Using Community Engagement)

SPRUCE project

The SPRUCE (Sustainable Preservation Using Community Engagement) project was a partnership between the University of Leeds, the British Library, the Digital Preservation Coalition, the London School of Economics and the Open Preservation Foundation. The co-funded Jisc project ran from October 2011 to November 2013.

SPRUCE aimed to support digital preservation in UK higher education and beyond with a community oriented approach. The project ran three mash-up events and one hackathon, capturing information of over 150 digital preservation datasets, issues and solutions. Twelve of the issues and solutions were awarded funding by the SPRUCE project for further development.

The project also produced a Business Case Toolkit  for digital preservation and set up COPTR (Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry) along with other community initiatives.

Read the final report from the project.