Announcing the bwFLA-Project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access)

The bwFLA project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access) is a two-year state sponsored project with the goal of defining and providing a practical implementation of archival workflows for the rendering of digital objects (i.e. easily accessed by users) in its original environment (i.e. application). Thereby, the project focuses on supporting the user during object INGEST to indentify, provide and describe all secondary objects required as well as create neccessary technical metadata for long-term ACCESS through emulation. The emulation proposed uses an INGEST workflow, which requires no further migration of other objects.

To maintain the accessibility of the objects in the future, addtional information beside the technical metadata – such as knowledge of the contextual environment, manuals and documentation – can be gathered and stored alongside other metadata. The project builds on existing digital preservation knowledge by using and possibly extending frameworks such as Planets, which also encourages the project’ sustainabilty. In the projects first phase, a functional prototype for selected classes of digital objects will be delivered. Based on the experience gained, documentation and training material to enable a structured development of new workflows for future classes of digital objects will be provided.

Further information is available here:

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