Automated Watch Design

Automated Watch Design

Monitoring the environment is an essential task of the adaptability of a system and is very important for digital preservation. The SCAPE Automatic Watch Component will do just that, and the design of the component architecture has just been released at:

D12.1 – Preservation Watch Component Architecture Draft

The component will allow answering of questions interesting for preservation such as:

  • What is the percentage of PDF files in all known web harvested content?
  • How many tools read TIFF files?
  • What is the variance of the usage of JPEG2000?
Furthermore, you will be able to create triggers that will automatically notify you (e.g. by email) when some significant event has occurred. Definition of significant events can be done by creating questions and defining conditions, like thresholds, that will trigger the sending of a notification.
Such a system is currently under development and you can track the code at:

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