The SCAPE Project video is out!

The SCAPE Project video is out!

Do you want a quick intro to what SCAPE is all about?

Then you should watch the new SCAPE video!

The video will be used at coming SCAPE events like SCAPE demonstration days and workshops and it will be available on Vimeo for everyone to use. You can help us to disseminate this SCAPE video by tweeting using this link



Standard tools become overtaxed…..          ….SCAPE addresses these challenges 


The production of this SCAPE video was part of the final project presentation. The idea behind the video is to explain what SCAPE is about to both technical and non-technical audiences. In other words, the overall outcomes and unique selling points of the project in a short and entertaining video. But how do you condense a four year project with 19 partners and lots of different tools and other SCAPE products in just two minutes?

We started with formulating the SCAPE overall messages and unique selling points, from which a script was distilled. This was the basis for the voice over text and a story board, after which the animation work began. There were lots of adjustments to be made in order to stay close to the actual SCAPE situation. It was great that SCAPErs from different areas of the project were kind enough to look at what we from the Take Up team came up with. 

Please take a look and use this video to tell everyone how SCAPE helps you to bring your digital preservation into the petabyte dimension!


SCAPE Project – Digital Preservation into the Petabyte Dimension from SCAPE project on Vimeo.


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