Second AQuA Mashup – places still available

Challenges of Dumping/Imaging old IDE Disks

We are almost at capacity for the second AQuA Mashup event that will take place in London on the 13th-15th of June. If you are a coder who would like to work on some practical digital preservation challenges with us, or a content owner who can bring along some digital content for us to work with, then sign up now!

We’re aiming for another really interactive, collaborative and practical event that will deliver useful digital preservation results inside of 3 days.

Here is a sample of the feedback from attendees on the first AQuA Mashup in Leeds:

  • “Great to have people working on real life practical solutions to digital preservation problems at the event, rather than just talking about it and then not doing anything!”
  • “Content owners and techies worked well together. Getting the outputs directly into the wiki was FANTASTIC!!!!”
  • “I’ve got a better understanding of the nature of some of the challenges involved with QA issues, and a much clearer idea of the work involved to address them.”
  • “There were a ton of tools I was unaware of and am excited to go back to the office and try out some tools and think up strategies for embedding into workflow, process and future developments for the repository.”

For more information and registration details check out the AQuA wiki:


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