Sustainability and adoption of preservation tools

Sustainability and adoption of preservation tools

Early in the SCAPE project we have been looking at how to make the project results more sustainable overtime. One way of achieving this is to increase software adoption. A critical mass of users will most likely provide valuable feedback to developers to make the software better and help sustain the software as some of these users will be developers themselves.

During the Braga meeting we have been dealing with the specifics of creating .deb packages to easly install software in Debian and Ubuntu servers. The main goal of this exercise was to create a template (a hello world of packaging if you would like) to aid SCAPE developers to create their own deployment packages.

The exercise consisted in forking Jpylyzer ( and adding the necessary files for creating a .deb package that is publicly available in OPF’s apt repository (

A wiki has been created that logs this results –

More information on this subject will be published soon.


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