Looking back at the first SCAPE project year

Challenges of Dumping/Imaging old IDE Disks

After the first project year SCAPE members can look back at an outstanding project start and an intense phase of integrated project work. First results have already been achieved and spread to the community at several conferences and through different channels on the web.

In the first project year six deliverables (five of which were public) have been delivered on time to the EC. They have all been accepted by the EC in succession to the first year review. Three additional reports have been published on the SCAPE website. Additionally, 15 scientific publications presenting results developed within the SCAPE project have been published in journals and conference proceedings.

Some highlights of the first project year:

SCAPE results can regularly be followed through the project website, OPF blog posts and the SCAPE Twitter feed.

We are pleased to announce that SCAPE has passed its first year review with flying colours. Our Project Officer stated that the project has achieved excellent results, that all objectives for the first year have been achieved, and that there were some particularly strong points. The initial feedback from the review panel was also quite positive. The panel noted the quality and number of first-year demonstrations that were also clearly the result of collaborative work. SCAPE’s Technical Coordinator was praised for an excellent overview of the technical aspects. The extent of re-using past project results in SCAPE was also rated positively. Finally, the SCAPE project management was judged to be highly professional.

The SCAPE team is very pleased by the success that it has achieved in the first project year, and is keen to fulfil the high expectations of the commission and the community for the second year.


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