UfcClient: a command-line tool for invocation of UfcMigrate

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A command-line tool for invocation of UfcMigrate has been created as a result of requests at the Hackaton in Cologne. The binaries and sources can be obtained here: https://github.com/iv10/UfcClient. The repository also contains sample digital objects in the “samples” directory. The testing can be performed on our UfcMigrate service running at http://bwfla.ruf.uni-freiburg.de host. Below in the Usage examples section you will find the location of its corresponding WSDL file.



  1. UfcClient -wsdl <url_to_wsdl> -op describe
  2. UfcClient -wsdl <url_to_wsdl> -op migrate -in <fmt_in> -out <fmt_out> -do <digital_object> [-dir <file_output_dir> -name <file_output_name>]


  •  -dir <arg>    set the directory for the resulting digital object
  •  -do <arg>     file of interest subject to migration
  •  -in <arg>     initial input format of the digital object
  •  -name <arg>   set the filename of the resulting digital object
  •  -op <arg>     operation to perform (migrate/describe)
  •  -out <arg>    desired output format of the resulting digital object
  •  -wsdl <arg>   URL location of the ufcmigrate WSDL file

Usage examples:

  1. java -jar UfcClient.jar -wsdl http://bwfla.ruf.uni-freiburg.de:8080/psuite-pa-ufcmigrate/UfcMigrate?wsdl -op describe
  2. java -jar UfcClient.jar -wsdl http://bwfla.ruf.uni-freiburg.de:8080/psuite-pa-ufcmigrate/UfcMigrate?wsdl -op migrate -in planets:fmt/ext/wpd -out planets:fmt/ext/rtf -do samples/wpd/DOB3.WPD

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