A Panel Discussion: Do unacceptable file formats exist?

A Panel Discussion: Do unacceptable file formats exist?


During and after the Webinar “A Comparison of Recommended File Formats and the New Dutch Method for File Format Assessment” of 16 November 2022  there was a discussion about preferred formats and what unacceptable formats are. This webinar is now available for the community to view. 

The popularity of this topic has encouraged us to create today’s panel discussion. We want to bring together different viewpoints, so we can learn and grow as a community. Topics will include favourable formats and preferences, how to manage a multitude of formats, authenticity, and possible solutions. 

While attending as a listener is possible, we invite and encourage you to participate in the discussion section of this panel.


Registration is now closed.


Sam Alloing (Koninklijke Bibliotheek), Valentijn Gilissen (DANS), Paul Wheatley (Digital Preservation Coalition).

Further Resources

The OPF’s International Comparison of Recommended File Formats Spreadsheet

DDHN’s Guide to Preferred Formats

File format recommendations – I wouldn’t say they are unacceptable, but I wouldn’t recommend them either‘, by Paul Wheatley


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