Computational Access to Digital Collections

Computational Access to Digital Collections



Within the digital preservation community, the term computational access is used with increasing frequency. Many practitioners are aware that this type of access may be useful for them, and their users, but may not know what it entails or how it could be applied in practice.

Resulting from a collaborative piece of work with me as a Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) fellow, and the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), a guide is being created. This guide will be released this summer. It will focus on providing resources and useful tips to digital preservation practitioners in making this type of access possible for their collections, as this is a topic often missed when discussing the novel possibilities of computational access. This talk would like to introduce the guide, go into detail on the different approaches of computational access and start a wider discussion on how this may be implemented in practice. The overall ideas and concepts around computational access are also heavily influenced by my work as a collaborative PhD Student University College London and The National Archives, UK.


Leontien Talboom – PhD Student, University College London/The National Archives, UK.


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