veraPDF, To Infinity + Beyond Validation

veraPDF, To Infinity + Beyond Validation


Users of veraPDF will be familiar with validating PDF/A documents of different flavours. They may not be so familiar with some of the software’s extended functionality. This webinar showcases some of these features. In the webinar, you will learn about:

  • how veraPDF plugins can be used to add custom functionality to the software, for example, validating image compression or processing embedded files;
  • the veraPDF policy checker that can be used to extend veraPDF’s validation rules to reflect organisation practice;
  • veraPDF’s automated metadata repair and possibilities for extending this feature; and
  • the veraPDF REST API and how you can deploy your own server.

The OPF’s next Hackathon in Spring 2023 will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about these features through “hands-on” experience with assistance from the veraPDF development team. This webinar is the perfect introduction for users wanting to get more out of veraPDF.


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Carl Wilson, OPF + Boris Doubrov, Dual Lab.

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