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Open Planets Foundation is proud to present: Fido.jar. A java port of the Python version of Fido (Format Identification for Digital Objects). This first version runs on all platforms with Java 6 update 23 or later installed. We would like you to give this first Fido in a jar a try. If you encounter any […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

3rd Mar 2011  4:37 PM  16763 Reads  No comments

Over the last weeks at several events Paul Wheatley of the British Library showed examples of bit rot in an image collection of the BL. Planets did lots of R&D into preservation and long term access and provided background and breakthrough thinking on many of the technical challenges. But Paul’s tenacity on this subject bit […]

By bram van der werf, posted in bram van der werf's Blog

28th Feb 2011  4:34 PM  29637 Reads  No comments

This week Bill Roberts, Asger Blekinge, Andy Jackson, Paul Wheatley, Bram van der Werf and I attended the DevCSI Developer Days in London. Next to the workshops, lightning talks, coding labs and Guru Sessions there were several challenges created by attending organizations. OPF also created two very interesting challenges. The main challenge was to improve […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

18th Feb 2011  1:40 PM  13565 Reads  No comments

While thinking about the Dev8D challenge (which I cannot compete in 🙁 I got to thinking about the way we do file characterisation. I am not old enough to know the history of this field, but it seems that the grand old tool is the file(8) tool from unix. When “file” was developed, all files […]

By blekinge, posted in blekinge's Blog

17th Feb 2011  11:59 AM  18289 Reads  1 Comment

Percipio is a small tool I have developed. You can find the tool here I will make a proper release soon, especially if anybody shows any interest. It has been heavily inspired by the now not-developed closed sourcec tool TrID File signatures have traditionally been created by hand. This comes from the traditional […]

By blekinge, posted in blekinge's Blog

17th Feb 2011  11:21 AM  13629 Reads  No comments

Memory institutions planning to realise a digital preservation strategy and setup suitable systems face the problem of missing evaluation components. A number of tools for object characterization, migration or rendering in emulated original environments are available or being developed at the moment. But, to evaluate or compare them a proper set of sample objects is […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

17th Feb 2011  12:04 AM  18468 Reads  1 Comment

A couple of months ago I reported on this blog that the OPF was beginning a project to investigate options for a new approach to file format registries.  We’ve just released the second report of this activity: “A New Registry for Digital Preservation: Conceptual Overview“. (330kB PDF); It explains our vision of a ‘registry ecosystem’ […]

By Bill Roberts, posted in Bill Roberts's Blog

15th Feb 2011  11:42 AM  16205 Reads  No comments For preservation and beyond, broad and reliable format identification has proven to be a critical shared problem across many institutions. Recent discussions on the OPF blogs have illustrated this point, and showed that we all like using DROID and Fido but would also like to improve them. The main challenge is to improve the coverage and quality of the signature […]

By bram van der werf, posted in bram van der werf's Blog

11th Feb 2011  8:16 AM  13860 Reads  No comments

After Ross’s post, I thought I’d better follow up on my format registry thoughts and show you all my response to Adam’s challenge. Using my weapon of choice, I was able create and populate a web site for collaboratively editing PRONOM data in just over one week’s worth of my spare time (six days FTE). […]

By Andy Jackson, posted in Andy Jackson's Blog

14th Jan 2011  10:43 AM  26798 Reads  No comments

As David Rosenthal pointed out, as long as there is a piece of commercial software or an open source project capable of accessing a format, it cannot be considered truly obsolete. I agree, but I fear this this ‘absolute’ format obsolescence is a poor proxy for the real problem, which is to ensure that our […]

By Andy Jackson, posted in Andy Jackson's Blog

12th Jan 2011  8:26 PM  25446 Reads  No comments