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This will be my shortest blog post ever. Following up on my previous blog post on a prototype JP2 validator and properties extractor (jpylyzer), there is now a comprehensive User Manual of the tool. Just follow the link below: Link to jpylyzer home page: Meanwhile work on jpylyzer remains ongoing, so watch this […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

10th Jan 2012  5:07 PM  17990 Reads  No comments

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on a simple JP2 file structure checker. This led to some interesting online discussions on JP2 validation. Some people asked me about the feasibility of expanding the tool to a full-fledged JP2 validator. Despite some initial reservations, I eventually decided to dedicate a couple of weeks […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

14th Dec 2011  12:30 PM  24990 Reads  No comments

 Many office suites and other applications allow the embedding of information in them via a link to another file. The use of linked spreadsheets is common amonst data intensive agencies and large documents are often managed through linking multiple office documents to form a single final product.  Currently we have only anecdotal evidence as to […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

21st Nov 2011  4:23 AM  20879 Reads  1 Comment

Emulation requires disk images to be provided and used for the main hard drive of emulated computers. These disk images can be captured from old hard drives as discussed here. In order to automate aspects of running these disk images in an emulator a tool is needed that tells us which emulators would be compatible with […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

9th Nov 2011  12:08 AM  17105 Reads  2 Comments

This tool needs some explanation of how it came about. At Nationaal Archief we were faced with various bottlenecks at ingest for our digital repository (which we call e-Depot). Characterization was one of them and when the OPF released the first prototype of FIDO we happily jumped on board for its development. Seeing the potential […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

28th Oct 2011  1:33 PM  17980 Reads  No comments

At the Goportis Digital Preservation Summit in Hamburg last week, I had the pleasure on behalf of the Open Planets Foundation of chairing a very productive workshop on the ‘Format Registry Ecosystem’. I had the chance to present the recent work of the OPF and National Archives of the Netherlands work in this area (see […]

By Bill Roberts, posted in Bill Roberts's Blog

26th Oct 2011  2:27 PM  15848 Reads  No comments

As I already briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the objectives of the SCAPE project is to develop an architecture that will enable large scale characterisation of digital file objects. As a first step, we are evaluating existing characterisation tools. The overall aim of this work is twofold. First, we want to […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

21st Sep 2011  1:40 PM  19998 Reads  No comments

In my previous post on formats, I ended up leaning towards a wait-and-see approach to format registry design. Unfortunately, I don’t really have that luxury. The SCAPE project needs to collect more format information to assist preservation planning and other processes. We even have some effort available to help build and/or fill a registry. But […]

By Andy Jackson, posted in Andy Jackson's Blog

11th Aug 2011  8:27 PM  15684 Reads  No comments

OK, not really the answers, just more questions!  But a few weeks back I sent round a draft of a registry guidelines document, asking for feedback.  I had included in that document a list of questions that we needed to consider and this post presents some of the answers I received, plus some answers I […]

By Bill Roberts, posted in Bill Roberts's Blog

21st Jul 2011  2:03 PM  14763 Reads  No comments

The JPEG 2000 compression standard is steadily becoming more and more popular in the archival community. Several large (national) libraries are now using the JP2 format (which corresponds to Part 1 of the standard) as the master format in mass digitisation projects. However, some aspects of the JP2 file format are defined in ways that […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

6th Jun 2011  10:11 AM  21647 Reads  3 Comments