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This is my first, long overdue blog post since starting my new role as Software Configuration Manager for OPF at the start of the year.  Truth be told that between the SCAPE end of year and review, a weeks holiday, and working out what to do it doesn't feel like four months since I started.  […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

8th May 2013  9:12 AM  10945 Reads  No comments

The Harvard Library developed FITS, the File Information Tool Set, as part of the ingest processing of its Digital Repository Service (DRS). This was mostly Spencer McEwen's work. It's a "Swiss army knife," running a number of different tools to identify formats and provide metadata information about files. It was put up on Google Code […]

By garymcgath, posted in garymcgath's Blog

30th Apr 2013  4:42 PM  12781 Reads  2 Comments

“Characterization” can mean many things (I’m particularly fond, especially in this context, of the OED’s “creation of a fictitious character or fictitious characters”). Back in October Paul Wheatley suggested that digital preservation practitioners needed “better characterisation” and defined this as enabling them to determine the condition, content and value of digital records prior to ingest […]

By pixelatedpete, posted in pixelatedpete's Blog

15th Mar 2013  12:23 PM  15303 Reads  1 Comment

The ReACT tool, developed following the  SPRUCE mash-up in Glasgow, uses VBA macros within a Microsoft Excel environment to implement automated comparisons of files across folder and directory structures enacted through a simple GUI. Ray Moore (Archaeology Data Service) and Andrew Amato (London School of Economics and Political Science) At the SPRUCE mash-up in Glasgow […]

By Ray Moore, posted in Ray Moore's Blog

5th Dec 2012  11:54 AM  12925 Reads  No comments

The Malta Music Memory Project (M3P) seeks to provide an inclusive repository for memories of Maltese music and associated arts, ensuring that these are kept in posterity for current and future generations. M3P is one of the projects within the Media and Memory Research Initiative (MaMRI) of the University of Hull and it is facilitated […]

By tonisant, posted in tonisant's Blog

16th Nov 2012  12:35 PM  20445 Reads  No comments

SPRUCE and JISC are delighted to be funding a new project with Bishopsgate Library that builds on the results of the last SPRUCE Mashup. With the first round of projects funded by SPRUCE Awards approaching completion, this latest project will take on the challenges of an organisation new to digital preservation. Bishopsgate Library holds substantial […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

29th Oct 2012  12:04 PM  12400 Reads  No comments

On Monday I was asked to speak at an experts workshop aimed at steering developments in preservation services on the Reponet+ Project (part of JISC Innovation Zone). For my presentation (“Pain Points for preservation workflows/services in repositories”) I had a look at the growing collection of practitioner sourced preservation challenges we’ve been accumulating on the […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

19th Oct 2012  11:10 AM  15279 Reads  No comments

Having sat at the back of the hall at the Annual Archives and Records Association conference at the end of August listening to Ed Fay and his colleagues from LSE talk about digital preservation and – like the other friends and colleagues with me – gibbered with fear at the very thought of attempting any […]

By An_Old_Hand, posted in An_Old_Hand's Blog

1st Oct 2012  12:57 PM  12051 Reads  No comments

I recently spoke at a workshop on digital preservation costing organised by the lovely people at Knowledge Exchange and Nordbib. After briefly covering some of the work I was previously involved in as part of the LIFE Projects, I talked about why I think that estimating the costs of digital preservation is such a difficult […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

29th Jun 2012  2:08 PM  17497 Reads  1 Comment

Following our first SPRUCE Mashup event in Glasgow, we launched a call for funding that mashup attendees could apply for. The primary aim is to help sustain and support some of the best work that begins at our events. We’re looking to enable mashup attendees to realise fully working tools from promising prototypes, fine tune […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

8th Jun 2012  9:42 AM  12673 Reads  No comments