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“We need to be able to depend on the tools we use. If a tool is one of OPF’s products it gives us confidence that it will continue to be supported and we see it as important to play our part in contributing to that shared effort. OPF members are digital preservation practitioners, and this is reflected in the kinds of events OPF organizes and the conversations that we have in meetings – they are practical and technology focused”

Karen Hanson

Senior Research Developer, Portico

“As members of the Open Preservation Foundation’s community, we are able to stay up to date with the most recent challenges that are being faced within digital preservation. For instance, our work greatly benefits from the open source tools that are provided and updated by the OPF, such as JHOVE and veraPDF. For me, being a member also means being part of a great community of like minded individuals with a deep interest in digital preservation. It allows individuals to exchange ideas through working groups, blogs and the webinars that are being hosted by the OPF. The collaboration with other members is something I value thoroughly and helps us to work on improving the field of digital preservation every single day.”

Lotte Wijsman

Preservation Researcher, National Library of the Netherlands

5 - Michelle Lindlar Technische Informationsbibliothek

“To me, OPF is so much more than JHOVE, veraPDF and webinars – it is a vital international network of peers who understand my problems and solutions. As an OPF Director since 2012, I’m proud to have pitched in a little bit to shape OPF into what it is today. The Board is the membership’s voice in OPF’s overall strategy and operations. The Board listens, advises, mitigates, suggests and decides. It’s a wonderful way to be personally involved in the OPF success story.”

Micky Lindlar

Digital Preservation Team Lead and Technical Analyst, Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB)

“OPF is one of the few real non-profit organisations in the digital preservation community with a focus on sustaining tools for the community itself and beyond […] OPF membership gives us the ability to steer the community a little bit on the topics we think are valuable for all of us. It’s a direct channel with that community from which we can learn quickly what is on topic and happening in the international world around us.”

Jeffrey van der Hoeven

Head of Digital Preservation, National Library of the Netherlands

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“Since its creation as a result of the Planets project, the OPF has been an important player in providing valuable information and insights to the digital preservation community. As the preservation agency for our members, we have as a goal to be active members of the digital preservation community to make sure we serve as the best provider of digital preservation. Being part of the OPF broadens our capability to learn from the best in the preservation community.”

Karin Bredenberg

Metadata Strategist, Kommunalförbundet Sydarkivera

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