Exciting Job Opportunity: Digital Preservation Curator / Content Manager for TIB Repositories

Job title: ​Digital Preservation Curator / Content Manager

Hours:​ Full­ time (39.8 hrs hours/week)

Contract type: Permanent

Salary: Pay scale group 9b TV-L

The Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology – Program Area A, being Content Development and Metadata, is looking to employ a Digital Preservation Curator / Content Manager for TIB Repositories. 

The   German   National   Library   of   Science   and   Technology   offer   future-oriented   services   that ensure   the  infrastructural  requirements  for  a  high-quality  supply  of  information  and  literature  for  research  in  science  and  industry. The services as a university library secure the local supply for the Leibniz University Hannover.

Job Tasks

  • Conduct completeness and quality assurance checks for data packages from various sources (DSpace, OJS, semi-automatic downloads) after transfer to the digital archive.
  • Conduct completeness and quality assurance checks for metadata from various data sources.
  • Conduct metadata comparisons and versioned updates for metadata in the digital archive.
  • Generate regular statistic reports for data contained in the digital archive.
  • Contribute to an interface to preserved data carrier images to be used by document delivery.
  • Check and work on corrupted files and consult library teams in handling of such data.
  • Participate in pre-ingest analysis of data (file format identification, file format validation, analysis of corrupted files).
  • Participate in ingest processes of data into the Digital Long-Term Archive.

Desirable qualities would include experience with file format analysis tools, (e.g. DROID, Siegfried, JHOVE, veraPDF), and digital long-term archiving strategies.

For a more detailed description and how to apply please see the job posting



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