JHOVE 1.14 released

The latest version of JHOVE, the open source file format identification, validation and characterisation tool for digital preservation, is now available to download. Version 1.14 is the first official release since the Open Preservation Foundation took over stewardship of the tool in February 2015 to provide it with a permanent and sustainable home. A 1.12 beta was released in October 2015 which focussed on stabilisation of the code base and automated build, testing and deployment.

Version 1.14 has three new format modules: gzip, WARC and PNG.

Other improvements and highlights for this release include:


  • Ant build replaced with Maven with distribution through OPF Artefactory server;
  • modularised project structure with “fat jar” packaging;
  • Java 5 support;
  • Prototype Black Box Testing module
  • cross platform installer;
  • Travis CI build; and
  • Updated site pages

New Format Modules

  • gzip Module – ported from JHOVE 2, via JWATT by Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark
  • WARC Module – ported from JHOVE 2, via JWATT by Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark
  • PNG Module – developed by Gary McGath


  • UTF-8 Module: support for Unicode 7.0.0


  • Support for long data chunks
  • Configuration no longer required for temp directory
  • Minor logging fixes

Download JHOVE 1.14


Please download and test the software. We welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions, or would like to log an issue, please add them the GitHub issue tracker: https://github.com/openpreserve/jhove/issues.

There is now a new mailing list available for JHOVE. Subscribe at: http://lists.openpreservation.org/listinfo/jhove

JHOVE (JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment) is an extensible software framework for performing format identification, validation, and characterisation of digital objects. The Foundation’s JHOVE maintenance and development effort is guided by the JHOVE Product Board, comprising members and software supporters. To find out more about becoming an OPF member or JHOVE software supporter visit: https://openpreservation.org/about/join/



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