MEMBERS: Want to be a Project Partner in developing new spreadsheet validation tools?

Throughout 2023, the OPF expects to cooperate with the Danish National Archives to advance the preservation tools available for spreadsheet file formats. 

We are seeking 1-2 of our members to join us as additional partners. Participation will involve contributing time, expertise and funds to the project. The main products will be new specifications and supporting tools for spreadsheet preservation, which your organisation may share a strategic interest in advancing.

The cooperation will involve:

  • Developing open specifications for the preservation of spreadsheet file formats.
  • Developing open source software for validating spreadsheet file formats, initially OpenDocument Spreadsheets.
  • Developing open source software for converting spreadsheet file formats, initially OpenDocument Spreadsheets.
  • Disseminating progress, results and outcomes to the broader digital preservation community.
  • Engaging the wider community to advance any of the above purposes, i.e. review, outreach, awareness etc.

OPF agrees to maintain any products created, which will be released under an open licence, with the source available on GitHub.

To cooperate, your organisation will have to sign an agreement. Participants will be expected to offer their expertise during the development and testing process and contribute financially. 

Get in touch

Get in touch with the OPF to learn more about the cooperation and how to join. Contact Georgia Moppett at [email protected] by Tuesday 21st March.



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