nestor and the Open Preservation Foundation sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Open Preservation Foundation and nestor have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim to facilitate discussion between the two organisations and to co-operate on activities to promote digital preservation.

Sabrina Kistner Hidalgo, Head of the nestor Office said: “nestor and the OPF share central goals such as digital preservation advocacy, knowledge exchange and disseminating best practices. We are happy that we have found a way to express these shared goals with the Memorandum of Understanding.“

Joachim Jung, Executive Director of the OPF said: “Building partnerships supports the Foundation’s strategic goals. This alliance will help us to reach a more local audience while supporting the nestor network to share their expertise across language barriers.”


nestor is the German competence network for digital preservation. Libraries, archives, museums and leading experts work together in nestor to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital sources. nestor is a cooperation association including partners from different fields, but all connected in some way with the subject of “digital preservation”.

Open Preservation Foundation
The Open Preservation Foundation is an international not-for-profit membership organisation that sustains technology and knowledge for the long-term management of digital cultural heritage. The Foundation provides its members with reliable solutions to the challenges of digital preservation.



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