Open Planets Foundation is becoming the Open Preservation Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our company name to the Open Preservation Foundation. The name change reflects the foundation's core purpose and vision in the field of digital preservation while retaining its widely-known acronym, OPF. 
During 2014 there have been several new additions to the foundation. Ed Fay was appointed as the new Executive Director in February 2014 and the National Archives of Estonia and the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre joined as new members.
'We feel it is the right time to change the name', explained Dr. Ross King, Chair of the OPF. 'It aligns with the new 2015-2018 strategy, which will be published in November, and makes it clear what the organisation is about now and its future intent. 
'The history behind the old name refers to the Planets Project, an EU-funded digital preservation project which closed in 2010. The Open Planets Foundation was established to sustain the results from the project'.
'The name change is also an important part of the launch of our new website', said Ed Fay, Executive Director of the OPF. 'We want to make our mission, and information about our technology and best practice more easily accessible to our members and the community. At the same time we will open a survey to establish trends in tools and approaches across the digital preservation landscape'.
The change of name will come in to full effect by mid-November when the new brand and website will be unveiled.
The OPF is an international membership organisation sustaining technology and knowledge for the long-term management of digital cultural heritage, providing its members with reliable solutions to the challenges of digital preservation.




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