Open Preservation Foundation welcomes the The National Library of Sweden as its newest member


The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) is pleased to welcome The National Library of Sweden as a new member. 

The mission of the National Library of Sweden is to collect, describe, preserve and make available everything that is published in Sweden. In collaboration with others, the Library also contributes to an open and efficient infrastructure for research. Their digital collections include Swedish publications, personal archives and other donations – both born digital and digitised. The National Library has archived the Swedish web since 1997 and digitally collected and preserved Swedish publications through The Legal Deposit Act for Electronic Material since 2012. The Library’s lab KBlab enables researchers to perform large-scale analyses of our collections and develops language models and artificial intelligence solutions.

We look forward to supporting the National Library of Sweden as they continue their work. 


The OPF plays a vital role in the digital preservation community , both by accumulating and sharing knowledge and tools to tackle our shared preservation challenges,” wrote the Programme Coordinator of Digital Preservation, Julia Spada. “The National Library has already benefited greatly from these resources, and is looking forward to joining and supporting the OPF’s work.”

We thank the National Library of Sweden for their membership; each of our members strengthens our impact and enables us to better serve the digital preservation community. 



Julie Allen, Executive Director of the OPF is excited to work with another national institution. They said, “We are delighted to welcome the National Library of Sweden to our membership. They bring a wealth of experience and interest to our community and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”


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