Open Preservation Foundation welcomes the The National Library of the Czech Republic as its newest member

The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) is pleased to welcome The National Library of the Czech Republic as a new member over this past year. 

The National Library (NL) is the biggest library in the Czech Republic, housing more than 7 million documents. The library operates two large digital libraries, National Digital Library and Manuscriptorium, that provide access to digitised modern documents and digitised manuscripts and early printed books and contain several hundreds of thousands of digital documents. In addition to digital documents created through digitization, the NL runs a Webarchive, harvesting and archiving the content of the Czech Internet since 2001. 

They are currently preparing to receive born-digital documents via electronic legal deposit. Since 2012, the National Library of the Czech Republic has operated its own long-term preservation system for storing its digital data, the services of which are gradually being opened to other libraries in the Czech Republic. We look forward to joining them as they navigate this journey. 

The Director of the Modern Digital Collections Division, Michaela Bežová, says:

“OPF is a key organisation in the digital preservation community and many of its open-source tools like JHOVE, veraPDF or jpylyzer play crucial roles in the long-term preservation system of the National Library of the Czech Republic. We look forward to becoming part of this organisation, supporting the further development of its digital preservation tools and also benefiting from community experiences in the field of digital preservation.”

“We are thrilled to welcome another national institution to contribute their experience to the community and help steer our future tool development,” says Julie Allen, Executive Director of the OPF. “As they prepare to receive born-digital documents electronically, we look forward to working alongside the National Library of the Czech Republic to facilitate truly sustainable, digital preservation practices.”

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