Ravensburger AG joins the Open Preservation Foundation

The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) is pleased to welcome Ravensburger AG as our newest member.

Ravensburger AG is a growing family of international game and toy companies which bring together three global brands – The blue triangle, BRIO, and ThinkFun – and their subsidiaries. The Ravensburger mission is to ‘encourage discovery of what really matters’, and their products and services promote togetherness, build knowledge and social skills, enable relaxation and create lasting memories.

Following new recruitment and collaborations within the company, Ravensburger are working on various concept strategies to embed digital preservation within the company culture across international boundaries.


Ross Spencer, Digital Preservation Specialist at Ravensburger AG said:

“We are excited to make use of the many different outputs of OPF while supporting future development of tooling widely adopted through the digital preservation community.”


Julie Allen, Executive Director of OPF is excited to welcome the Ravensburger Gruppe to OPF:

“Ravensburger represents an exciting new segment for the OPF membership, demonstrating the vital need for long term preservation in diverse industries and arenas. They are working on some brilliant concept projects and have much to contribute and learn from our global community.”

To find out more about Ravensburger AG visit: https://www.ravensburger-gruppe.de/de/start/index.html

To learn more about the benefits of OPF membership visit: https://openpreservation.org/membership/.



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