Thieme Compliance Joins the Open Preservation Foundation

Thieme Compliance has become the latest organisation to join the Open Preservation Foundation.

Thieme Compliance is a leading system provider for medically and legally sound patient education in Germany. As a system provider, they represent innovative product development and tailor-made solutions for patient information, from printed and digital informed consent forms in up to 20 languages to educational patient information films.

Content Architecture Manager Karina Kachler said:

“At Thieme Compliance, we must guarantee that the patient information we produce is appropriate for long-term archiving. We have become members of the Open Preservation Foundation to support the further development of veraPDF and benefit from access to invaluable knowledge and resources such as OPF webinars.”

Becky McGuinness, OPF Community Manager, said:

“As a patient education provider, Thieme Compliance brings a welcome new perspective to our growing community of members. We are thrilled to be able to support their important work and we look forward to their participation in our varied programme of knowledge exchange events and activities in the coming years.”

Thieme Compliance joins more than 30 organisations from around the world who share a commitment to open, sustainable digital preservation. Learn more about our membership community and the benefits of joining us at



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