Update on upcoming PASIG events

The PASIG Steering Committee has two important updates on PASIG events for the next twelve months:

  1. After consultation with the Madrid local hosts, we have decided to *postpone* the 2022 PASIG conference until further notice. While we are excited to be back in Madrid as soon as possible, it did not seem feasible to plan a full conference at this time. We will provide updates on future conferences when appropriate.
  2. In the absence of a “full conference,” we are planning to host at least two smaller events, one in North America and one in Europe. These events will be one day in length, with targeted agendas and discussion topics.

We have some possible locations under consideration for these smaller events, but also welcome offers and suggestions for venues. Please contact the Steering Committee at [email protected], or any of the below members of the group directly if you would like to share ideas.

Thank you,

PASIG Steering Committee

  • Tom Cramer, Stanford University
  • Ben Fino-Radin, Small Data Industries
  • Frances Harrell, Myriad
  • Neil Jefferies, University of Oxford
  • Thomas Ledoux, Bibliotheque Nationale de France
  • Sarah Mason, Artefactual Systems
  • Becky McGuinness, Open Preservation Foundation
  • David Minor, UC San Diego Library
  • Courtney Mumma, Texas Digital Library
  • Matthias Razum, FIZ Karlsruhe



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