Vacancy for a Digital Preservation Librarian at Yale University Library

Yale University Library is recruiting for a full time Digital Preservation Librarian.

The incumbent will report to the digital preservation manager and will work within the digital preservation team to preserve the Library’s digital content. The Digital Preservation Librarian will be an expert in the Library’s Digital Preservation Systems and processes and a first point of contact for users of digital preservation services. The Digital Preservation Librarian will work with prospective content depositors and stewards of preserved content to ensure depositors can ingest content into the digital preservation systems, to ensure their content is appropriately preserved, and to ensure their content is appropriately accessible when requested. The librarian will troubleshoot any workflow issues and work closely with the content stewards to ensure they have the resources and training necessary to ingest, manage and access their content. The librarian will use system reporting capabilities and risk identification tools to identify at risk digital content and develop, test, and implement approaches for ensuring continued access to that content, and will develop additional reporting capabilities. The Digital Preservation Librarian will also work with the digital preservation team and other stakeholders to document policies and procedures related to the digital preservation services we offer and work to ensure the system can pass regular audits.

Essential Duties

  1. Identify and troubleshoot digital preservation issues including digital preservation system issues and ad-hoc user generated digital preservation related challenges
  2. Work with content owners/depositors to configure and monitor workflows for ingesting, preserving, accessing and reporting on preserved digital content
  3. Understand, configure and enforce security protocols within digital preservation systems and services
  4. Provide support and training for users of tools and services provided by the digital preservation team
  5. Use available tools and capabilities to identify at-risk digital content and propose and/or implement strategies to mitigate those risks
  6. Develop, test and execute digital preservation plans to ensure digital content can continue to be accessible in the future
  7. Work with stakeholders throughout the Library and Yale University to document digital preservation policies and processes to meet the requirements of ISO 16363 Requirements for the Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories.
  8. Develop requirements for and test updates to the digital preservation software when implemented, and ensure all processes are running as expected.
  9. Undertake role-related research and development.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

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Please note: applicants must be authorised to work in the United States.



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