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Preserving PDF – identify, validate, repair 22 participants from 8 countries – the UK, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, not to forget umpteenthousand defect or somehow interesting PDF files brought to the event. Not only is this my first Blog entry on the OPDF website, it is also about […]

By yfriese, posted in yfriese's Blog

3rd Sep 2014  10:13 AM  11781 Reads  3 Comments

In this post I'll be taking a look at format identification of PDF files and highlighting a difference in opinion between format identification tools. Some of the details are a little dry but I'll restrict myself to a single issue and be as light on technical details as possible. I hope I'll show that once […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

21st Aug 2014  10:40 AM  17184 Reads  13 Comments

One of my first blogs here covered an evaluation of a number of format identification tools. One of the more surprising results of that work was that out of the five tools that were tested, no less than four of them (FITS, DROID, Fido and JHOVE2) failed to even run when executed with their associated […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

31st Jan 2014  12:58 PM  1681258 Reads  6 Comments

Last year (2012) the KB released a report on the suitability of the EPUB format for archival preservation. A substantial number of EPUB-related developments have happened since then, and as a result some of the report's findings and conclusions have become outdated. This applies in particular to the observations on EPUB 3, and the support […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

23rd May 2013  2:23 PM  17050 Reads  No comments

“Characterization” can mean many things (I’m particularly fond, especially in this context, of the OED’s “creation of a fictitious character or fictitious characters”). Back in October Paul Wheatley suggested that digital preservation practitioners needed “better characterisation” and defined this as enabling them to determine the condition, content and value of digital records prior to ingest […]

By pixelatedpete, posted in pixelatedpete's Blog

15th Mar 2013  12:23 PM  14815 Reads  1 Comment

Last week I had the honour to host the OPF Webinar "Digital Preservation at your command, part II". During the Webinar attendees were shown the difference and/or similarities between the command line interfaces of MS DOS, Linux and Apple. Here is a short summary of the Webinar:* Comparison of command line interfaces (MS DOS, Linux, […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

4th Feb 2013  6:05 PM  11574 Reads  No comments

On 6-7 December 2012, the first SCAPE training event was held in the beautiful city of Guimaraes, Portugal. The event was supported by the European Capital of Culture 2012, who kindly provided the venue, the Archaeological Museum of the Martins Sarmento Society. The focus of the training event was identification and characterisation. The event began with […]

While open data sources, such as PRONOM, Software Conversion Registry (CSR) and govdocs are excellent examples example of publishing re-usable data (to some extent) there is still a big problem with gaining access to other sources of data. This is mainly due to projects and organisations not focussing on re-usability of data, rather just their […]

By davetaz, posted in davetaz's Blog

29th Aug 2012  1:47 PM  13054 Reads  No comments

The National Library of Australia has just completed a small project to investigate and test a number of software tools of interest to digital preservation activities. The result of this project was an internal report describing the tests and the results, and giving some recommendations about the potential for using these tools in a planned replacement of […]

By matthewh, posted in matthewh's Blog

12th Aug 2012  11:30 PM  16553 Reads  No comments

The purpose of this post is to give a brief introduction to creating, editing and submitting format signatures (or ‘magic‘ entries) for the well-known File tool. The occasion for this was some work I did last week on improving File‘s identification of the JPEG 2000 formats. I had some difficulty finding any easy-to-follow documentation that […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

9th Aug 2012  11:53 AM  30052 Reads  1 Comment