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We are pleased to announce the latest release of fido (format identification of digital objects) is now available. Version 1.3.3 has the following features and enhancements: Update to the latest PRONOM signature file, version 84, released in January 2016. PRONOM v.84 includes updates to container signatures Available on the Python Package Index (PyPI), as opf-fido […]

10 May

FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is a command-line tool maintained by the OPF and used for identification of digital files based on their PRONOM signature. This webinar will provide an update on the FIDO project by outlining recent improvements to the tool. We will also discuss: Why is format identification so important? What are […]

Format Identification for Digital Objects (fido). fido is a command-line tool to identify the file formats of digital objects. It is designed for simple integration into automated work-flows. License information fido is distributed under the Apache 2 license. See the project file “LICENSE.txt” for information on the history of this software, terms & conditions for usage, and […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

16th Nov 2014  6:01 PM  0 Reads  No comments

Here's a little newsbulletin about FIDO, the open source file format identification tool of OPF. It seems that the use of FIDO is growing the last few months. I am getting responses by e-mail and through the Github issuetracker from all over the world, ranging from requests for help, giving suggestions for improvement and even […]

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Task: I primarily wanted to get an understanding of SPARQL queries and how they can be used to query linked data. As a focus for my work, I set myself a challenge to get Fido working using signatures from the UDFR registry. Solution: The code (available on GitHub) has two python scripts. The first,, provides a […]

By Peter May, posted in Peter May's Blog

10th Sep 2012  9:51 AM  15312 Reads  1 Comment

The new FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is here, version 0.9.6. Improvements: reports if match is based on signature, extension or no match (fail) reports if file is empty (to stderr) reporting of mime-types fixed (special thanks to Derek Higgins) shows help upon invocation without arguments PDF signatures updated from PRONOM files, due to […]

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4th Oct 2011  1:50 PM  13343 Reads  No comments

Open Planets Foundation is proud to present: Fido.jar. A java port of the Python version of Fido (Format Identification for Digital Objects). This first version runs on all platforms with Java 6 update 23 or later installed. We would like you to give this first Fido in a jar a try. If you encounter any […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

3rd Mar 2011  4:37 PM  16565 Reads  No comments

Fido is a simple format identification tool for digital objects that uses Pronom signatures. It converts signatures into regular expressions and applies them directly. Fido is free, Apache 2.0 licensed, easy to install, and runs on Windows and Linux.  Most importantly, Fido is very fast. In a subsequent post, I’ll describe the implementation in more […]

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3rd Nov 2010  7:57 AM  32687 Reads  No comments

For our Autumn Newsletter, we spoke to Micky Lindlar, an OPF director, and highly active member of the digital preservation community: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role I am a Technical Analyst at TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, which functions as the German National Subject Library for Science […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

2nd Nov 2018  2:18 PM  2423 Reads  No comments

Following on from Notes from ‘Shaping our future memory standards’ the final PREFORMA conference, day 1, here are my notes from day 2: Monika Hagedorn-Saupe from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation was the first speaker on day 2 of the conference. She spoke about the ‘Situation and perspectives for digital preservation among cultural heritage institutions’. […]

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