SCAPE (SCAlable Preservation Environments)

SCAPE Project

SCAPE (SCAlable Preservation Environments) developed new software and extended existing tools to enhance their scalability performance for the preservation of large scale and heterogeneous datasets. The project ran from February 2011 and closed in September 2014. It was co-funded by the European Commission.

The full list of SCAPE tools with links to further information and their code base are available through the SCAPE website. Demonstrations of the quality assurance tools are available online.

In addition to the tools, the project also developed a number of non-software outputs:

  • Three business case templates to help users and decision-makers understand the benefits, costs and risks of implementing SCAPE tools.
  • A catalogue of policy elements which provides examples of existing digital preservation policies and a template and guidance to create a new policy.
  • Online training materials to support the understanding and use of SCAPE tools, services and non-software outputs.

The Open Preservation Foundation led the sustainability work package and is responsible for sustaining the project’s outputs. The reports and deliverables from the project remain available through the SCAPE website: