The day after OPF hackathon

The day after OPF hackathon

Big big thank you to the IISH for hosting and supporting the OPF Hackathon. We had more people attending then originally planned and IISH really helped out in every aspect, their flexibility with regards to meeting rooms and catering was absolutely fantastic. Venue and facilities where perfect for our event, as was hospitality and support of IISH staff.

Unfortunately we could not fulfill original plan to stream the event on Ustream. This had nothing to do with facilities, but could be fully addressed to my optimistic view on my multi-tasking capabilities. The system was working, but it was difficult to chair and facilitate in combination with operating the webcam. Next time we will dedicate someone to operate the webcam and make sure that we will stream the event.

In the coming days I will blog more on outcome of the event. We really made progress on requirements and uses cases, I am confident that this input will allow us to publish a technology road map early December.


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