August Tech Clinic

August Tech Clinic


We understand the challenges that come with digital preservation: the continuous advancement of strategy, the threat of increasing risks, and the expectations that come with preservation experiences. These, to name a few, sometimes force organisations to reconsider the way they operate. We are here to assist you to get ahead of this and help you advance open source initiatives to create more valuable preservation workflows to increase preservation strategy and relevance.

Our tech clinics are a member-only benefit to help you learn the skills you need to establish the vital connections between the materials and the technologies that hinder easy preservation. We want to help you with technical applications to build a well-rounded skill set to lead and execute well-informed preservation strategies.

Are you wanting to discuss the development, or direction of a tool that would best suit your institutional needs? Do you have an open source idea, with little idea of how best to navigate the community? Are you wanting some basic git-hub training and don’t know where to start? We can help you out.

Topics for tech clinics can include:

  • getting started with OPF tools (e.g. installation and basic usage)
  • help with integrating open source tools into local automated workflows and systems
  • investigating problems and issues with open source tools
  • assistance with open source development best practises
  • general software development advice.

Please request a slot by filling in the short online form that will be circulated to the members mailing list.

Sessions will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.