DAMS to Digital Preservation: A National Museum’s Journey to Understanding its Digital Assets


Like many cultural institutions the National Museum of the Royal Navy has been digitising its collection for almost two decades, in the pursuit of making them more accessible. A decade ago, as the National Museum began to form, it started to dawn the sheer extent of assets this work was generating, and highlighted new challenges this volume was creating in accessing them. Something needed to be done to properly manage these, and thus the journey to acquire and implement a Digital Asset Management System for the organisation began.

Along the way to acquiring the system a further realisation dawned: not only do these assets require management, but preservation. The journey was therefore adapted to ensure digital preservation was a key part. This presentation will take attendees through the National Museum’s journey with its digital assets, discuss lessons learned and review where we are now. It will hope to reassure audiences to not worry what shape the journey to digital preservation takes, but instead encourage them to jump in and get started.


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