Embedded files: Risk, Challenges and Options

Embedded files: Risk, Challenges and Options



We all know that emails and PDFs may contain attachments and that package formats, such as zip, are designed to contain other files. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, in what file types may contain embedded files.  If not identified and handled robustly, the beasties that lurk inside your files can pose serious challenges for privacy, information security and digital preservation.  In this talk, Tim will offer an update on a taxonomy of embedded file types and some eye-opening examples across a broad range of formats of what can be found inside your files.  While Tim will offer examples of how to investigate embedded files with Apache Tika, the primary goal is to demonstrate the scope and importance of the challenge and to spark discussion on the states of the practice for embedded files in digital preservation more generally.


Tim Allison, NASA


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