The Experimental Kitchen: A Demonstrative Webinar

The Experimental Kitchen: A Demonstrative Webinar

The OPF is hosting a ‘Demonstrative Webinar’ – a ‘demonar’, an ‘experimental kitchen’ for you to start collectively ‘plating up’ some of your ‘half cooked’ ideas. This event is for members only. 

We invite you to join in as a participant while five of our members share their work. There is a mix of projects, prototyping tools, and ideas they have been working on. We do this with the hope that other participants would give feedback, positive reinforcement, and offer tips or help. 


Registration is now open via the members’ mailing list. 


  • Remco van Veenendaal, Nationaal Archief: The Spreadsheet Complexity Analyser (SCA);
  • Asbjørn Skødt, The Danish National Archives: Prototyping the validation of spreadsheets;
  • Carl Wilson, OPF: A Demonstration of a prototype validator for Open Document Format spreadsheets;
  • Roxana Maurer, National Library of Luxembourg: Automation efforts at the National Library of Luxembourg;
  • Alfred Wutschka, ZB MED: Automatic IE update of already ingested IEs in Rosetta with a complete new SIP with unknown differences between them.

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