The Pre-Ingest Tool and File Scraper

The Pre-Ingest Tool and File Scraper


This webinar will present two open source tools developed by national digital preservation services of Finland: Pre-Ingest Tool and File Scraper. The Pre-Ingest Tool is a modular tool to make it easier to create Submission Information Packages (SIPs) programmatically, especially in producing METS metadata documents. File Scraper is a tool which is able to identify files, collect metadata from them and check their well-formedness, by combining 3rd party software together. Although our tools are developed specifically for our national digital preservation services, we believe that these tools can be beneficial for digital preservation community in general.


Juha Lehtonen, Senior Applications Architect at the CSC – IT Center for Science

Time and date

This webinar takes place on Thursday 10 September at 14:00 CEST. It will last approximately one hour.


This event has passed.