What’s new with JHOVE and Fido?

What’s new with JHOVE and Fido?



This webinar offers a user’s guide to what’s changed in the latest v1.26 JHOVE release, which incorporates the contributions made during our 2020 Spring Hackathon. Highlights include:

  • Language preference settings 
  • An overhaul of the JHOVE GUI 
  • Improvements to JHOVE modules featuring PDF and XML
  • Java 11 compatibility and technical changes
  • FIDO 1.6 and the new signature service

We’ll also present some of the features under consideration for JHOVE v1.28. The webinar will be about 40 minutes long with time for questions at the end.


Carl Wilson, OPF


This event has passed. OPF members can access the slides and recoding from the webinar archive (member login required)

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