eArchiving in Action: workshop recordings now available

In January, the CEF eArchiving Building Block held a three-day workshop to showcase how eArchiving is tackling the issues of long-term accessibility of information. Aimed at data producers, archives and solution providers, eArchiving in Action included a range of presentations, interviews, use cases and panel discussions. OPF helped to coordinate and host the event, presented work on validation, and conducted an interview with The UK National Archives’ John Sheridan on Managing Digital Preservation Risks.

The aim of eArchiving is to provide the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help data creators, software developers and digital archives tackle the challenge of short, medium and long-term data management and reuse in a sustainable, authentic, cost-efficient, manageable and interoperable way.

The recordings and slides from the event are now available online. Visit the event page to access the materials, and read more about the event highlights.



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