iPRES 2017 – Call for contributions

(14th International Conference on Digital Preservation)

September 25-29, 2017 Kyoto, Japan


iPRES is the major international conference on the preservation and long-term management of digital materials.

The iPRES 2017 hosted by Kyoto University will contribute to promotion of researches and development of technologies and services of digital preservation. Following the success of the previous conferences, the iPRES 2017 will serve as an international forum for the global community of digital preservation.

The main objectives at iPRES 2017 will be cultural resources in various domains and from various viewpoints. Academic societies in the areas of digital humanities and information resource management are the main communities to support this conference in Japan. This conference will be organized in collaboration with major memory institutions in Japan.

The theme of the coming conference is: Keeping Cultural Diversity for the Future in the Digital Space — From Pop Culture to Scholarly Information.

The iPRES 2017 invites contributions that present original work on research initiatives and innovative practices in digital preservation and expects that the contributions will be

  • Leading edge
  • Innovative
  • Effective in informing and promoting the digital preservation debates.

Contributions (papers, posters, panels,workshops and tutorials) that address at least one of the following topics are welcomed:

  • Institutional challenges, infrastructure (organizational and technological) opportunities and challenges, lessons learned
  • Frameworks for digital preservation, their implementation, institutional integration and evaluation
  • Novel preservation strategies, preservation planning, workflows and tools for
    • Digital art conservation (conceptual and practical)
    • Games preservation
    • Web preservation
    • Social media
  • Training and education, case studies, best practices and novel challenges
  • Research data preservation
    • Characterization, preservation and curation of large (heterogeneous) data sets
    • Modeling and description of scientific processes and context, engineering models and simulations
    • Risk models, dependency management
  • Scalable preservation, service business models

All submissions will be subject to a peer review. Detailed information can be found in the website.


Important dates:

Paper and Poster submissions – Deadline: March 10, 2017
Workshop, Tutorial and Panel submissions – Deadline: April 3, 2017



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