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Fido 1.4.0 released

Fido 1.4.0 has been released following community testing. Fido (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is an open-source command-line tool to identify the file formats of...

New FIDO version: 0.9.6


The new FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is here, version 0.9.6. Improvements: reports if match is based on signature, extension or no match (fail)...

Fido in the jar


Open Planets Foundation is proud to present: Fido.jar. A java port of the Python version of Fido (Format Identification for Digital Objects). This first version...

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FIDO for format identification, and why it matters

Sarah Romkey, Artefactual

FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is a command-line tool maintained by the OPF and used for identification of digital files based on their PRONOM...

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What’s new with Fido?

Sarah Romkey and Ashley Blewer, Artefactual Systems

This webinar will provide a user’s guide as to what’s changed in the latest version of Fido. We will cover: Fixes and new features in...

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Identification tools, an evaluation


We have created a testing framework based on the Govdocs1 digital Corpora (, and are using the characterisation results from Forensic Innovations, Inc. ((, as ground truths. We have tested Tika 1.0, Fido 0.9.6 and Droid 6.0 with the V45 signature file. Tika generally performs best for all the 20 most common formats. Especially for text files (text/plain), it is the only tested tool that correctly identifies the files. Tika is the fastests of the tools, and Fido is the slowest.